Armani Privē Presents: charm’

The highly anticipated opening of Armani Privē’s boutique in Harrods’ famous Salon De Parfums took place today. I was invited to explore the Privē range, so I made my way down to Knightsbridge for the 10 am opening. Suffice to say I was super excited! I was in awe as I walked through the Salon De…… Continue reading Armani Privē Presents: charm’

My opinion on the acquisition of niche perfume houses by corporate giants

RANT ALERT As I was browsing through Instagram, a post detailing LVMH’s latest acquisition of luxury Parisian fragrance house Maison Francis Kurkdjian caught my attention. I was surprised, yet intrigued to know what the future holds for this merger. LVMH is not alone, in June 2016, L’Oréal welcomed Atelier Cologne to its luxe line to…… Continue reading My opinion on the acquisition of niche perfume houses by corporate giants

Blog Anniversary|| Knightsbridge De Robert Piguet

I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but university has been kicking my ass! I spend the majority of my day in a laboratory making novel compounds and by the time I get home, I’m absolutely shattered. If it’s any consolation, I have been uploading frequently on Instagram! Today marks the…… Continue reading Blog Anniversary|| Knightsbridge De Robert Piguet

Amouage Lilac Love

I’ve always adored the scent of chocolate, you know when you bite into a bar of Dairy Milk and you’re greeted with an intense creamy aroma that makes you truly appreciate the devilish treat? If that could be captured in a scent then I’d probably bathe, eat and drink it! I often find that cocoa…… Continue reading Amouage Lilac Love

La Femme Prada

September has arrived and in all honesty I am extremely pleased that “summer” is over. Can you believe that there are only 2 and a bit more months until Christmas? I have already started planning my seasonal fragrant purchases as well as penning a long letter to Santa. {I don’t care what they say, He exists!}.…… Continue reading La Femme Prada